We all are aware that we must wash our hands regularly with clean water and soap for 20 seconds and sanitize everywhere you go to prevent coronavirus infection. For most of us, all the washing and sanitising of hands throughout the day makes our hands very DRY!


  • Wash your hands with warm water, not hot water because it might make the dryness worse and burn your skin especially if your hands are already dry.
  • Apply a moisturiser right after you wash your hands.
  • Look for a moisturiser containing cocoa butter, glycerine, jojoba oil, or any hydrating or moisturising ingredient.
  • Get a sanitizer that is not too harsh or containing a high percentage of alcohol. Most preferable if you have extremely dry hands get a moisturising sanitizer.
  • Treat your hands with moisturiser and cover with plastic gloves for 1 hour, this will create humidity and will help penetrate the hydration and moisture into the skin. MAKE SURE YOUR DO THIS AFTER THOROUGHLY WASHING YOUR HANDS. If you have long nails make sure you wash or scrub in between them to remove dirt.

Keep safe and follow all precautionary measures in this pandemic.
Keep your hands clean.

Take care, and love your skin.

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