Remember when Rihanna said “work, work, work” homegirl wasn’t playing with us.

She was letting us know that she is about to take up space and secure the bag. Not just once but FOUR times! Rihanna’s brands have set a blueprint for other brands in the beauty and fashion industry. Shuuu! we were not ready for this queen to take over like this with her current achievements, such as;


A fashion house brand that was creatively started by Rihanna. This fashion label also made Rihanna the first woman of colour to be added to the LVMH group.

Fenty Beauty

This cosmetics brand that was started in September 2017, broke so many barriers in the beauty industry for being inclusive across ALL skin tones (especially darker skin tones) and gender.

Savage X Fenty

An elite lingerie brand, that expresses Rihanna’s sensual side. A brand that is for all types of women of different sizes and focuses on making them feel good and sexy in their own skin.

Fenty Skin

Her new baby, which she has recently launched. Fenty Skin is a gender-fluid brand that will focus on making great skin-care products that are simple and accessible.

Rihanna really has shown us that it is important to go for whatever you want, and to push yourself and never limit yourself or ideas.



Photo credits: Popsugar, workingnotworking

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