A Bonnie Mbuli appreciation post for every time she has used her voice and platforms to bring upon healing and uplift others.

Our manecrush Bonnie Mbuli is versatile in her style. She can rock any look, from bald to short chic natural hair to braided hairstyles. Her consistency with how she represents any hairstyle she wears is always inspiring!

Whether it’s her presence on screen, being an author of the best-selling book, being a beauty icon, or opening up a platform for conversations on healing and becoming. Her journey has been an inspiration to a lot of women and she continues to inspire us by using her voice and platforms to bring upon healing and uplift others. Here, we celebrate Bonnie Mbuli by reflecting on some of her quotes and latest podcast:

Quotes by Bonnie Mbuli

“We are a powerful and strong nation that has overcome great adversity in the past. My hope is that we draw from that strength & come out of this more united, leaving no one behind.”

“I hope to set the example that with hard work and perseverance, there are no limits to what South African actors can achieve.”

“What the world says about us is already either negating or confirming what we already believe about ourselves.”

“Educate yourself on the inner workings of what it means to optimize your personal well-being, know it, and commit to it.”

Internal Dialogue

Bonnie Mbuli has just launched a podcast titled “Internal Dialogue” and we are here for it! Internal Dialogue is a 40 minute podcast about healing and becoming, which is something we definitely need. “A platform where practitioners and individuals share their knowledge, practical tools, and stories of triumph within our community.” Available on Spotify and Instagram TV.


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