Meet Gontse, the founder of KwaneleSA Hair products.

After noticing the gap in how hard it was to find products that make it easy to manage natural hair, she went on to create that product. Today KwaneleSA offers three products that make managing natural hair painless. 

Please tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start the KwaneleSA brand?

“My name is Gontse Kgokolo, born and bred in Pretoria but grew up in Hammanskraal. KwaneleSA was discovered from my love for natural hair. I was frustrated at the fact that African women with natural hair didn’t have a hair managing product that is painless and easy to use. So I decided that I was going to create that product.”

These products are great, how did you notice the gap in the natural hair industry and a need for your products?

“I noticed a gap when every time I would straighten my hair, people would ask me how I got it to look so nice? I would tell them my long story of the conventional air dryer brushes I used and how it took me an hour. “Yoh! You have time,” They would say. The KwaneleSA straightening brush effectiveness in 15 minutes was the gap of opportunity.

Who is the target market?

“My target market is moms who struggle to make time for managing their natural hair and their kids for that matter. When moms know what to do, children don’t struggle with natural hair. It’s also for women and girls between the ages of 15 to 55 who want to invest in their hair.”

 What challenges have you faced in the business?

“Like any other small business, it’s funding to scale. I would love to have more products available on our website. And I cannot approach a major retailer at this point because I wouldn’t be able to meet the minimum order requirements.”

 What are the future goals and plans for KwaneleSA?

“My goals are to see the Kwanele brush growing in sales and reaching more customers nationwide. Secondly, to continue creating products that will solve natural hair problems. For example, creating a natural holding spray that will compliment the straightening brush and be able to have straightened hair for much longer than currently.”

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