Having an Afro is total bliss, but having to deal with tangled natural hair can be so painful! Not to mention, time-consuming.

But those days of being frustrated are over! Thanks to Kwanele SA hair products. These products include a hair straightening brush, heat protector, and detangling brush. Here, we get to know Kwanele’s products and how this combo can make your natural hair regimen easier. 

Kwanele Afro hair straightening brush

A 3 in 1 brush that detangles, straightens and dries hair with ease and no pain. The Kwanele SA straightening brush uses infrared technology which minimises the strokes needed to comb and straighten hair. This reduces breakage by up to 70%. The brush also has 3 heat settings (170°, 200°, or 230°) to meet the straightening effect needs of different types of hair.

Kwanele Natural Heat Protector

When using heat on your hair, it is important to apply a heat protector in order to minimize heat damage. Kwanele Natural Heat Protector is designed to shield hair from heat by placing a barrier between the hair and styling tools which include but not limited to blow dryers, silk press iron, and straightening brush. It consists of natural oils including, coconut oil, Avocado Oil, and Grapeseed oil which nourish your hair while protecting it. Heat protectors not only protect the hair from styling tools but also protect hair from UV rays and harmful emissions floating in the air like pollution. The barrier that the heat protector creates also helps maintain the pigment of your hair.
Kwanele Natural Heat Protector can also be used on virgin human hair wigs to protect them from aging and also relaxed hair for everyday sun protection.

Kwanele SA Detangling Brushes

Every naturalista needs a good detangler brush. Unlike relaxed hair, natural hair tangles easily because of its spiral properties of hair strands that coil onto one another. Kwanele detangling brush is a soft padded brush that is gentle enough to separate tangles without knotting them. It comes in two sizes and can be used on wet, damp, or dry natural or relaxed hair. It can also be used on wigs and clip-ons.

What is great and amazing about these products is that they lessen the hard work of manually straightening your hair, and with the heat protector, they do so while nourishing it with natural oils. The benefits of these products are endless.


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