Easy DIY protective hairstyles and tips to help maintain healthy hair at home.

Protective hairstyles are one of the important ways to promote growth and maintain healthy hair. Protective hairstyles not only save you time in front of the mirror; they’re also a great way for protecting your hair ends from breaking. When you have a protective hairstyle on, your hair locks in moisture, absorb nutrients better, and is free from the stretching and pulling that comes with everyday styling. This hibernation period gives your hair a break and can allow it to grow freely. With salons closed, we have no choice but to learn how to style our manes. Styling your hair can be a daunting experience with skewed lines, tangled wool… If only it were as easy as YouTube channels make it out to be. But like everything else, practice makes perfect. 

  • Before getting a protective hairstyle, it is important to give your hair a good wash, condition treatment, and untangling session.
  • Pulling your hair too tight can cause breakage, loss of hairline, and nasty pimples on your edges.
  • Wear a satin bonnet or scarf for overnight protection.
  • A water-based spray works wonders for keeping hair soft and frizz-free.
  • Leaving a protective hairstyle on for too long can also cause clumps and knots that might leave you with no choice but to cut your tangled hair.

To get you started, we have shared some easy YouTube tutorials for protective hairstyles you can DIY at home:

African threading

Cornrow braids

Benny and betty

Bantu knots

Faux locs

Marley twists

Jumbo braids

Which one of these easy DIY hairstyle ideas will you try?

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