Meet Maple Sethosa, a beauty vlogger, makeup artist and Attorney who followed her creative flair when she started a beauty YouTube channel. Here, we get to know Maple the beauty vlogger and co-founder of KhooMap Glow Make-up Artist.

“I have been admitted as an Attorney and I am currently working at a medium-sized law firm in Pretoria. I love the topic of beauty, being in front of the camera, and meeting new people. People often ask me how I achieved my looks so I thought why not? Do what I love while helping other people.”

Is Maple your real name?

“The name Maple came about in 7th grade. My mom has two names, my father two names and my brother has four names, I have one! I absolutely love pancakes with maple syrup, and that’s how the name Maple came about. And most people say I’m a sweet person, so it works. It’s funny that some people think my parents thought out of the box when it came to naming me, but nope, my real name is Mapula.”

“What’s your AM beauty routine like?

My AM beauty routine involves, taking a bath, cleansing with my Nivea cleansing foam. On some days I will use a brightening scrub that I got from Olay. For the glow! After washing that off I apply tissue oil, then cream and sunscreen. I apply sunscreen and tissue oil every single day! Apply tissue oil immediately after stepping out of the bath. Always! Your pores are still open and when you apply tissue oil it penetrates into your skin. There’s quite a lot of layers before I apply makeup. Before applying makeup, I prime my face so that the makeup doesn’t go directly on my skin.”


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Which products do you use the most?

“Tissue oil and Sunscreen.”

What’s your everyday makeup look?

“The foundation from Estee Lauder, to even out skin tone. It’s pricy but it stays on the whole day. It’s worth the price! I don’t do much on my eyes because I wear glasses. I go with natural eyebrow and mascara.”

Lip colour?

“Nude and red. I have a thing with contrasting Nude colour lip and dramatic eye shadow or Red lip colour and subtle eye shadow. The other day I was wearing blue lipstick and my mom couldn’t figure out why it looked so good on me, and that’s because my eyes were plain. That’s the tip I can give you it’s either one or the other never both”

What’s your PM beauty routine like?

NEVER GOT TO SLEEP WITH YOUR MAKE-UP ON! I begin with a Makeup remover, remove lashes, clean the lashes so that I can use them again. Wash with a cleansing foam, apply over-night cream and then tissue oil. I also apply eye cream. I find that it penetrates better through the night and then in the morning my skin looks and feels good. For you to have good makeup, you need to have good skin, and for you to have good skin you need to look after it.”


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Makeup Tutorial in Sepedi

Natural Eyebrow Tutorial

We love your eyebrow make-up tutorials. What do you think of the eyebrow trends from then and now?

“Brows are a problem! My mom is still struggling to recover from what happened back in the day. We have grown and makeup has become more interesting. In just the past year alone, we have gone from boxed eyebrows on fleek, boxed eyebrows to the natural eyebrow style. We want to look more natural with more focus on taking care of our skin. We have really come far with our eyebrows. Our parents used to shave everything off and then draw it back on. Now it’s more about trimming off. I get so excited when clients with fuller brows come to me thinking that their eyebrows are not good-looking. There is so much you can do with natural brows. The tip is not concealing too much at the top – and brushing up your natural eyebrows.

How has the journey on your YouTube channel been so far?

“I am becoming more intentional with content creation. But understanding that I do not have to take myself too seriously. I have learned to be myself because people want to know you. And go to school! I think I have so much support from my parents because I finished my degree. I am also looking forward to bringing a different topic to my channel influenced by my work as a Lawyer. I am self-taught. I learned through YouTube videos, other makeup artists, I attend tutorials and masterclasses.”

Turban tutorial

What can we expect from your YouTube channel?

“Expect fun! Learn something about makeup. I am trying to also broaden my topics to include knowledge of my Law profession. I want to incorporate it creatively. I love vlogging, sharing make-up tutorials and my love for modest fashion. Expect to have fun and laugh.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a vlogger?

“When I started my YouTube channel, my worry was not having a professional camera. Someone said to me, ‘Maple, use your mom’s phone.’ So I started the channel with my mom’s phone. If you have something to share, just create the content there are many editing apps. Just start creating that content, work with what you have. You’re gonna grow from strength to strength and people will enjoy being part of your growth. I appreciate everyone who is supporting me and who is willing to grow with me.”

Who inspires you?

“Mihlali. She is such an inspiration and I was there to see her grow. She all about the ‘do you’ and I love her for that. I attended one of her masterclasses and it was amazing!”

Tell us about your Make-up business KhooMap Glow Make-up Artist?


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“KhooMap Glow Make-up Artist is a makeup service business that I started with my friend Khomotso. We were not working at the time and we love makeup so we just started from there. She is now based in Pretoria and that means we have expanded our territory. People in Pretoria can access our services through her while I work in Limpopo. The idea is to have a makeup artist in every province. We provide makeup service for special occasions and I also do face painting at birthday parties. We created this to hold each other down and be powerful together.”


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