What do you get when you fuse, music, fashion, colourful hairstyles and spunky attitude? That’s right! You get AfroPunk 2019 flavour.

This festival is known for its explosive music and incredible self-expression theme. Which better way to end the year, than to get dressed, tag a few friends along and pick out your most colourful clothing.

The stage

AfroPunk 2019 had us shook with their amazing fashion-forward looks. From headwrap turbans, straw hats to long braids and floral clothing, eye-brows on fleek, and glittery lipsticks and tribal make-up that oozed African fusion. Some fancy punk jewelry, of course, to set the mood. And septum piercings that screamed “owning it!” The colors that dominated the most were yellow, blue, and citrus oranges and red with a fusion metallic. These colors matched perfectly with the scenery and freedom of expression element. The people came in numbers and delivered and served! AfroPunk is not only about fun, but also about highlighting the importance of being inclusive of every type of person! And celebrating the beauty in being different and how amazing it is for individuals to be in one place and accept one another and allow freedom to reign. The performances delivered fantastic music, the people showed up in the most amazing looks! AfroPunk started our 2020 with a bang!

The people

Photographer: Masego Morulane

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