Capsule Fest 2019 was a jump from the start!

There were Live Talks which dropped a lot of knowledge about topics such as “content creation” and how to make a name for yourself in the creative industry. It was a fantasy land for all the urban street culture lovers. The space was filled with creatives, skateboarders, music lovers and fashion heads.


But that wasn’t the only thing that was popping! The fashion, delivered! The girls did not disappoint! They came through with the hurrr, the outfits, and the vibe. There was so much versatility, from long braids to dreads to colorful hair-do’s, sneakers and dope clothing.

It was a vibe not to be missed! Sportscene Capsule knew how to bring different people all in one venue to create, explore, learn and have fun all at the same time! And we cannot wait for the next one, because we know there will be a whole lot more fashion, music, and awesome things!


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