If there is one thing we can be certain about when it comes to hair, is that it’s all about having fun and exploring different options. Literally…letting your hair down! The finger waves hairstyle is making yet another come-back – and its never been a better time to bring out that sass and get innovative with laying your edges! 

The finger waves hairstyle dates back from the 20’s and made a come-back in the 90’s when artists like Missy Elliot made it supa supa fly. Today we have artists like Nomuzi Mabena and Tumi Voster and other local celebrities who have owned this look! Here’s our take on the finger waves hairstyle created by hairstylist Fana, at SSS Salon, South Gate Mall. See their details below to make a booking for your next wave switch up!

If you want to to have fun and try something different with the texture of your hair? This is the hairstyle that will make you stand out and make a fashion statement. This hairstyle creates a fun rhythm with its S-shaped waves and lets you get creative with laying them edges. The edges definitely come out to play giving you that sheek vibe!

How to maintain the finger waves hairstyle?

It’s also one of those easy to manage hairstyles. To maintain it:

  • Do not create an atmosphere that has a lot of moisture and steam, so if you avoid super hot baths and anything that will make the hairstyle become exposed to moisture. 
  • Some styling setting spray really goes a long way to make sure the hairstyle always stays in-tact.

So if you looking for something new to try out, or want to switch up your look, then you need to hop onto the wavy train. The finger waves hairstyle is a vibe you will definitely enjoy and it looks great on anyone, just as long as you have the attitude to match it. 

Hairstyle by Fana


Model: Nomsa Motale
Makeup artist: Smangele
Photographer: Masego Morulane

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