A Beyoncé appreciation post – for every time she laid her flawless edges.

Nothing says, “I’m all about my business!” like, some laid edges on the hurrr. Whenever you see someone who has laid their edges you best believe they know they got sass and all that attitude to match the look. And honey, nobody got more sass than Beyoncé.

Remember when homegirl had her head popping out the car on the “Formation” video with her amazing braids and her edges were laiddd for the gods! And on the “Don’t hurt yourself” music video with that big fur coat and slick braids and edges on fleek! Who can forget her look at the Lion King World Premiere 2019? Beyonce is definitely one person who has perfected the edges and curls look.

Beyoncé loves big beautiful detailed earrings, it’s one of her favourite aesthetics and you can be sure that whenever she has her curly hair out, it matches perfectly with big bold earrings.

This woman sure knows how to bring the flavour!


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