We asked hairstylist, Fana from SSS Hair Salon, Southgate Mall to share tips on what to consider before and after using hair dye. 

“We have seen an increase in women adding bolder and brighter colours to their hair, colours which were seen as a taboo back in the day. Trends, like mixing hair dye to achieve rainbow colours and using multi-colour hairpiece, all make our jobs as hairstylists very interesting and fun. It is an exciting time to be a hairstylist!

While this is exciting, the process of achieving colours like white/platinum-blonde may require extra use of chemicals which can damage your hair if not done properly.”

Before using hair dye, analyse the hair and scalp:

  • If the hair is relaxed, wait 1-2 weeks before using permanent hair dye or bleach.
  • Do not relax the hair after using bleach. Overprocessing can lead to scalp irritation which is visible by the darkening of the scalp or hair breaking.
  • Do not apply hair dye on an irritated scalp. 

When using hair dye:

  • If you want to use hair dye at home, look for products that come with a clear step-by-step and include treatments. Products like Dark and Lovely and Ganier are amongst the best in hair dye packages.
  • Wash the hair dye product thoroughly. The little product you leave unwashed continues to overprocess which makes the hair prone to breakage. 
  • Overusing bleach can lead to the hair resisting hair dye which can make any colour you add afterwards appear dull.  
  • After bleaching your hair, consider using temporary hair dye or semi-permanent colour to avoid over-processing. Temporary hair dye stains the hair, while permanent hair dye takes on a process of breaking the bonds of your hair. 
  • After dyeing your hair, do a deep conditioning treatment. Conditioner deactivates the dyeing process and brings your hair back to its normal PH.

After using hair dye:

  • Wait six weeks before adding colour to your hair again. 
  • Keep your hair moisturised.
  • Boost your hair moisture with deep conditioning treatments.


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