This week on Manecrush we celebrate Zambian-born singer, songwriter and rapper, Sampa the great – who recently dropped new music building up to the release of “The Return” on 13th September 2019. Including OMG music video which was shot in between Botswana and South Africa. A creative collaboration which she defines as:

“…a flex of the culture and art coming out of the continent today.”

When it comes to music we often use it as an outlet to have fun and dance our worries away or as a form of learning about ourselves through different experiences. Sampa The Great knows how to make your soul feel alive with her words, instruments and presence that it makes you feel in-sync with her fantastic artist element.

Sampa The Great came out in 2015 with The Great Mixtape, then she blessed us with Birds and BEE9 in 2017 and now she’s making waves building up to “The Return” which drops 13th September 2019. Her sound has been a reflection of spiritual growth as an artist. This powerhouse has merged rapping, educating and poetry into a dynamic force. Her music transcends into different and important topics, such as spirituality, political consciousness and African culture. This talented woman is not only making waves across the African Diaspora, but she is also breaking barriers and highlighting issues that allow conversations to happen. A perfect description of this is how she created her “Final Form” music video, which displays amazing visuals and focuses on where she came from, being Zambia.

Being a creative and a musician can be very tricky because you need to know how to balance things, Sampa The Great expresses that in ‘Freedom’ which she defines as: “…The song Freedom is about the compromises made while navigating this industry. It’s important to remember there are human beings behind the art and the music. It’s important for us to remember that ourselves, especially at times when purpose and wellness can take a back seat…”

Her essence and authenticity make her stand out. Her truth and how she displays it through her artistry is what makes her our Mane Crush!

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Photo credits:, michaelabarcaphotography

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