Tee Ngomane is a natural hair enthusiast who loves handmade haircare butter and the colour red. One of the ways she expresses herself is through dyeing her hair, and she keeps her hair in check by giving it the moisture it deserves! We asked her to share her hair regimen and products that she uses to maintain a healthy afro.

1. Why do you dye your hair?

So, when I first did my big chop, I went blonde. Then I started noticing everyone else around me chopping their hair and going blonde. That annoyed me because as shy as I am? I don’t like looking like everyone else. I then searched for inspiration and Rihanna came through for me with the red lol! From there, I just grew into being comfortable with experimenting with my hair and not being afraid of how people saw me. Colouring my hair is one of the ways I can truly express myself.

2. Take us through the process of how you take care of your colour-dyed hair?

My usual regimen:

  • I wash my hair with Tresemme Botanique or Aunt Jackie’s Oh So Clean shampoo and then I deep condition with Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Treatment Masque every second or third week;
  • Next, I apply Cantu Leave-in conditioning cream mixed with Aunt Jackie’s Quench, then detangle and seal with my Sumtin N8ive Butter, and base my scalp with my oil mix;
  • then I tie my hair into twists and leave it alone until I have to style it for an occasion;
  • From there, every second day I moisturise with water, my leave-in and seal with my butter.

The extras:
I also love using bentonite clay to cleanse every now and then. As much as I don’t like coconut oil, sometimes I add a dash of coconut milk and honey to my deep conditioner, to strengthen and moisturise. When I’m feeling bougie and not lazy with my FroFro, I also love my black tea or hibiscus tea rinse. This is awesome for preventing hair loss.

3. What is your favourite hair product?

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Treatment Masque, Water and my Sumtin N8ive Whipped Shea and Avocado butter!!!

4. If you were to keep one hair colour, which one would it be?

RED!!! 😁

5. How often do you dye your hair?

Usually, twice a year if it’s permanent. Otherwise, every other month with temporary dyes.

6. What do you do to keep your hair dye in for longer?

I wash it every second or third week. I also love to wear head wraps as a protective style, this helps with my colour not going dull quickly.

7. What is the boldest hair colour you have ever put on?

I think every colour I’ve done so far has been pretty bold, but going Green and Blue was me truly stepping out of my comfort zone.

8. What advise would you give to someone who wants to dye their hair?

Just go for it and have fun, but don’t forget to MOISTURISE! MOISTURISE!! MOISTURISE!!! Let water be your best friend!


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W I N T E R I S H E R E… 🌬️ . . Well, sort of… Since some of us (me 😁) are lazy bums and don’t like going to the salon to get protective styles we opt for gorgeous head wraps!! My lovely friend @ilzejoy1 reminded me of these gorgeous satin wraps she hooked me up with (I’ve got about 10 in different colors) a while ago. No need to worry about cool hair styles…for now. Wash the Fro. Twist it. Wrap it up. Simple! Sometimes I wear 2 wraps at a time to spice things up πŸ˜‰ #ColourPop #ColourFestival #FroFro #FroLoving #Healthy_Hair_Journey #southafricannaturals #AfroHealthSA #HairInspiration #HeadWraps #WrapLife #Naturalhaircommunity #NaturalHair #TeamNatural #Afrohairinfashion #FroLoving #4chair #KinkyGirlsRocks #kinkyhair #AfroOnFleek #NaturalHairDiaries #RedπŸ’‹

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