What is Facial Serum and why should you add it to your PM beauty rituals?

A Serum is an oil or water-based lightweight product that you use in small quantities under your regular moisturiser. Facial Serums contain a high concentration of active ingredients, which make it so easy to penetrate into the skin. This makes Facial Serums more effective than normal moisturisers.

That is enough to convince me to add an overnight Serum to my beauty routine! But there’s more to learn about Overnight Facial Serum. Here 5 benefits of using Overnight Facial Serum featuring Corium Skin’s Lemon Serum:

1. A high concentration of vitamins makes for better results

Facial Serums contain a higher concentration of active ingredients than normal moisturisers which guarantees better results. Corium Natural’s lemon serum contains ingredients like Vitamin E oil (an antioxidant) which reduces inflammation and Lemongrass which has healing properties.

2. Your skin repairs overnight

After a long day of regulating body temperature and sweating off what you don’t need, the skin works to repair itself up to 3 x more overnight. While your body is in the process of repairing, Overnight Facial Serum gives your skin gets an extra boost of vitamins.

3. Increase your moisture levels

When you’re asleep, your body temperature is warm which allows your skin to absorb moisture effectively. Corium skin’s lemon Serum is a lightweight oil-based but doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily as it is easily absorbed by the skin. There is no better time and way to boost your skin with much-needed moisture.

4. Fewer breakouts

The Lemon oil found in Corium skin’s lemon Serum is highly antiseptic which is useful for people with acne-prone skin and for reducing the appearance of dark marks.

5. The scent of essential oils can help you relax

The smell of essential oils found in overnight Serum can help you relax – giving you a good night sleep. Corium Naturals Lemon Serum has a relaxing citrus scent that quickly became the scent that activates sleep mode. Once you put it on, your body is ready to relax.

Facial serums are highly concentrated so when adding Serum to your PM rituals do so gradually.

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Corium’s Lemon Serum is made from natural ingredients, free of artificial parabens and colourants. It’s a proudly South African, cruelty-free product.



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