The Coiled Crew talks about their latest offer, temporary colour paint wax. A healthier alternative to adding colour to your hair and what they call “#colourwithoutcommitment.

The Coiled Crew is a duo of natural hair enthusiasts from Pretoria. They were growing tired of having to travel to Johannesburg to attend natural hair events so they decided to host their own in Pretoria. The reception and feedback they received was amazing so they forged on. They have since added a product line to their online shop, Temporary Hair Paint Wax”

What motivated the Coiled Crew to offer this product is the concept of “#colourwithoutcommitment…we love colour, especially bold colours, but share the same concerns as most naturals regarding damaging your hair after you’ve fed it so much TLC. So the Hair Colour Wax was a natural fit”, said the Coiled Crew.

“#colourwithoutcommitment… we love colour, especially bold colours, but share the same concerns as most naturals regarding hair damage.”

How to use temporary hair paint wax

The hair paint wax is actually simple to use, all you have to do is apply it on wet, damp or dry hair as you would a hair butter or gel. Let it dry and voila! It’s highly pigmented plus you can mix the colours, so the colour pops even if you have dark hair. To get the colour out, you simply wash it off with any shampoo and it’ll be all out after one wash.”

Who should use it

Unlike a semi-permanent or permanent hair dye which would typically use an alkaline chemical to open up your cuticle to bond the colour to your shaft and peroxide to break down your natural pigment, which dries out your hair and it takes a lot of work to return your hair to its normal PH. Whereas their Hair Colour Wax doesn’t contain harmful ingredients. This product is pretty much for everyone. Afro, curly, locks, relaxed, braids, wigs… You name it. If you love bold colours, then you’re are the target market.

The Coiled Crew #KinkyConversations event

Now, if you know you are in the mood to attend an event, then the Coiled Crew has you covered! With their #KinkyConversations event. This event is a safe space to talk, share hair (real life) journeys, have a good meal, and drinks. This crew is all about the essence of sisterhood!

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Photo credits: The Coiled Crew

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