Getting to know The Brownies Dj’s!

What do you get when you add some melanin, talent, good style and dope music all in one vibe? That’s right! You get chocolate flavoured brownies and a whole lot of sass! If you are wondering what I’m talking about, well wonder, no more! I’m talking about two young women who are on a mission to make a mark in this music industry! Motso Taukgobong and Tshego Radebe of The Brownies.

Tell us about The Brownies Dj’s, who are they?

“The Brownies are a brand that is conscious about black love and women empowerment. Above all that, we are a DJ duo and creatives.”

What inspired the DJ duo to get into the music industry?

“Our love for authentic music and wanting to share it.”

Why do you think it is important for women to work together? And to show a sense of unity within the society?

“We don’t have as many opportunities as our male counterparts when we collaborate we achieve a lot more together.”

How do you guys keep a healthy working relationship between the two of you? How do you resolve conflict?

“We do get into conflict a lot because we are individuals first, but we respect our work, that grounds us and somewhat forces us to continuously, put in the effort with towards working together.

What do you think makes your duo different from all the other DJ’s out there?

“We are the first female DJ duo to exist in South Africa, we are pioneers in that regard. In addition, what we represent and how we use the platforms we have, makes us different.”



Style is a very important element in this industry, it makes one stand out, how would you and Kgomotso define your personal style and why?

“We have different styles because we are different people. We generally mix things up, from vintage to modern. The important thing is to look good and feel comfortable.

What are your future plans? What can we expect from you guys?

“We are currently working on a campaign with Strawberry Lips, the next step for us is music. We’ll be working on releasing our own music in the near future.

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Makeup artist: @Basetsana Seripe

Stylist: @Sibu fdb

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