At HairMeOut you can either buy or rent a wig.

Meet Delicia Kesenge and Zandile Baloyi, the faces behind the online wig rental HairMeOut. This is an online rental and sales business that brings wigs to women who want to explore wig hairstyles without/before owning them. This idea was brought about from the increased demand on enquiring wigs for photoshoots and special occasions.

How did HairMeOut come about?

We found that for magazine shoots and trendy events/shows, people would request to lend our wigs for a night or two because it worked with a specific look they were going for. Upon further research, we discovered that it could be used as a mechanism for those who otherwise like wigs for short-term periods and not necessarily a long time. We then started purchasing different kinds of wigs that we thought consumers would take a liking to and from this, birthed the idea and decided to formalize it as the business offering we now call, HairMeOut.

What other services do you offer?

We rent as well as sell wigs.

What advice would you give on taking care of wigs?

Try avoid straightening your wig every day as heat damages hair.

Make sure your hair underneath the wig is also well taken care of as it affects the wig. Ie: If your own natural hair is oily it may seep through the wig and cause it to be oily.

Treating your wigs is very important to revive it and keep the hair looking and smelling great!

What’s the best way to store wigs?

A wig stand or a wig head is best to help maintain the shape and integrity of the hair.

Please take us through the process of ordering a wig at HairMeOut?

We are a Johannesburg based online business with the hopes of expanding to other regions of South Africa as well as creating a physical space in which clients and potential clients can come in, familiarize themselves with our brand and wig offering.

Essentially, there are two parts to the business. Rentals and sales.

Sales — buy a wig:

  • You Place an order;
  • we share a quote;
  • you accept and pay a deposit or make full payment;
  • and we deliver within 3 – 5 working days.

Rentals — rent a wig:

  • A client sends a request to HMO or fills out one of our booking forms also located in our Instagram bio (@hairmeoutza);
  • we share a quote along with an agreement form;
  • client agrees, makes payment and sends back a signed agreement form;
  • HMO delivers and conducts an inspection with the client;
  • Upon return of the hair, the wig is fully inspected by HMO representative and the client;
  • If all is in order, the deposit is paid back to the client.

What is the maximum number of days that one can rent out a wig at Hairmeout?

We have short term rentals that range between 1 – 7 days and then our maximum period which is long term rentals that range between 7 – 14days.

How do you maintain the cleanliness of the wigs at HairMeOut?

Hygiene is our number one priority!

Therefore when we deliver any HMO piece to a client, a full inspection is done by both ourselves and the client to ensure that the hair is in good condition. We also provide each client with a wig sock and insist they put it on prior to wearing the wig — this is included in the rental fee. Upon return, we encourage clients not to wash or treat the hair as we have hair gurus within the industry who wash and treat the pieces accordingly and to perfection. We treat and wash our wigs after every rental.

What’s your favourite wig style?

A bob — it’s chic, elegant and if matched to a person perfectly, can truly speak to one’s own personal style.

If you had one piece of advice for someone who wants to get into wearing wigs what would it be?

Live a little. Try different looks. Be who you want to be. If you feel like wearing a Bob today, a fringe tomorrow, and your natural hair the next day go for it because wigs have allowed us the flexibility to do so!!


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