The idea of walking into a salon, sit for a few hours to achieve a look that would normally take years, is one of the reasons why we love faux locs. Faux locs may seem like a new trend, but the technique is rooted in African culture. The technique used is similar to African threading which is using wool to extend and cover hair by winding it around from the root up. The variety of hair and textures available has made it possible to create hairstyles that look like real dreadlocks. This technique also makes Faux locs a good protective hairstyle. To get the most out this protective hairstyle, make sure to keep your hair health in check. Here are some tips for taking care of your Faux locs.

Tips for taking care of Faux locs: 

  1. Do a protein treatment before braiding your hair.
  2. To moisturise, use a light spritz (not product heavy) to avoid product build-up. Using a spray/spritz to moisturise allows moisture to reach parts of your hair that are tucked in.
  3. Wash it every two weeks, or whenever it feels dirty.
  4. Avoid pulling the hair during styling.
  5. If you go for Nicki Minaj inches, use a lighter fibre, like Brazilian wool or crochet faux locs.
  6. Cover your hair when you go to sleep.

Products to use

Try a light and soothing Earthy Moisture Mist and Earthy Hair Oil to lock in the moisture.

What steps do you take to keep your faux locs fresh? Share your comment below.

Happy styling! Thank you, Darling hairstylist and model Snow.

Hair by Darling
Model: Mpho Mofokeng
Make-up: Basetsana Seripe
Photographer: Masego Morulane


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