Knowing which makeup brush to use can put you a step ahead in getting a flawless face beat.

Makeup brushes can be so confusing! Why are there so many? Depending on what you want to achieve, learning which makeup brushes to use will help in building coverage, layer your powders proper and more. We have put together 8 face and eye makeup brushes that are essential to achieve any look.

Angle eyeshadow brush

Perfect for creating perfect lines when applying eyeshadow especially along the eyelid crease.

Smudge brush

Ideal to soften and blend the hard lines on eyes creating a smooth blended smokey effect on your eye makeup.

Mascara Wand

For brushing lashes and getting off extra mascara application on lashes after drying on lashes. It is also perfect for brushing your brows and brushing off the extra product on brows to achieve a natural looking brow.

Blending brush

helps soften the harsh lines after application of eyeshadow. You need to blend with this brush until you achieve a perfect blend

Powder brush

It is softly rounded and one of the largest makeup brushes. It picks up powder efficiently and spreads it evenly all over your face/skin. If you pick up too much powder with the brush excess can be dusted off easily.

Foundation brush

It helps apply foundation smoothly, evenly and precisely. There is no need to waste foundation on your fingers. Works perfectly applying liquid, cream and wax foundation.

Contour brush

Is perfect for highlighting, blending and shading, the slanted shape of the brush is made to mimic angles of your cheekbones.

Blush brush

Is mostly made with fine and soft hairs that are ideal for blending your blush along your cheekbones.


How many makeup brushes do you use to achieve your look?

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