Benefits of sleeping in silk. Plus, a list of local brands that sell silk scarves, bonnets and pillowcases.

A nighttime routine involves moisturising, detangling, wearing an overnight protective style and covering your hair before you sleep. Aside from using the right products to moisturise, the type of material you use to cover your hair can be what’s standing in between you and your hair getting the moisture it deserves. To get the most out of your overnight protection, try switching to silk because unlike a swirl kous or legusha, silk has a lot of benefits for your hair.

Benefits of sleeping in silk

  • Retain moisture – perfect for reviving dry hair
  • Wake up to better – looking hair
  • You will experience less breakage
  • A silk satin scarf keeps your protective hairstyle fresh.
  • When you take steps to retain moisture overnight, you start seeing the difference. You worry less about dry hair.

You can purchase a silk bonnet/scarf/pillowcase from these following stores:



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Thoughts? Which brand would you recommend for silk scarves, bonnets and pillowcases?

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