It’s all things curls at Curly or knot hair boutique – we visited the salon for the classic roller set curls hairstyle and got some tips on how to keep the curls popping for longer.

Curly or knot is a salon in Midrand that specialises in hair care the natural way – without using any heat or combs, just TLC. Some of their hair care services include the perm rod set, straw sets, finger coils, treatments, and braids. Perfect for natural and transitioning hair. We visited the salon for classic roller set curls – perfect for curling and stretching your hair without using heat. Here, the founder of the salon tells us more about this beautiful space and some tips on making your curls last longer.

Why the name Curly or knot?

I have a name that’s relatively unique and wanted the same for my baby. I wanted a name that was quirky, fun and has meaning – that if you heard it, you should know right away what it is. I, together with a good friend of mine went back and forth bouncing around names. In the process, we got to Curly or Not – which resonated with me because I wanted to speak to Naturals (Curly) or Transitioners (Not) and I thought why not play on the word ‘not’ with ‘knot’! Afterall, knots are one of a natural girl’s biggest problems! 😁

I opted for Natural Hair Boutique because we are a small salon serving a specialised clientele.

What inspired you to open a salon?

From my early teens, I’ve dreamt of this beauty emporium. A holistic sanctuary for health and beauty. My struggles with hair salons (from the days of the creamy crack) and painful hair memories as a child dictated what would come first. I initially wanted to open a kiddies hair salon with the hope of creating a completely different experience from what we had growing up. Caring for their hair and taking away the hassle of having to DIY. Being able to demonstrate the beauty and versatility of our hair and hopefully make a contribution towards cultivating positive self-images. I then thought, wouldn’t it be nice to cater for moms too? Then they can walk this journey together?

What is your most popular hairstyle at the moment?

The Fulani / tribal braids with and without beads. I love how our clients are having fun with them.

Hairstylist advice:

Excessive heat can cause your hair to dry and break, that’s why hair rollers and perm rods are a naturals hairstyling best friend. There are so many ways to curl your hair without using heat and it can be done at home or at the salon. Some of the methods include flex rods, finger coils, Bantu knots – or you could even use a straw. And when your curls are popping, all you want is to keep them fresh for longer. To achieve long-lasting popping curls you need to:

  • …do a protein treatment prior to getting your hair done. However, the hairstyle works just as good on clean freshly washed hair.
  • Before removing the perm rods (or whatever you use to create the curls), make sure your hair is completely dry.
  • Keep the curls in place by sleeping with a satin/silk bonnet or scarf.
  • Avoid water or applying water-based products. Use oil to add shine.
  • Don’t fluff your curls too much on the first day. You will enjoy transforming the hairstyle, and adding more volume as you go.


After a few days, hair accessories come out to play. Enjoy the length and volume by wearing accessories and switching up the shape of the hairstyle.

To book your appointment with Curly or knot hair salon, see contact details below.

Curly or knot hair boutique 

Contact details

Instagram: @curlyorknot
Call: 011 568 4454 / 082 798 4437
Address: 86 Whisken Avenue, Midrand, Gauteng

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