Meet Nkakalo, founder of The Moisture Factory. Inspired by creating a product that could cater for her two daughter’s different hair textures, she went on a journey to learn how to create product formulations. In less than 2 years, The Moisture Factory has a range of 9 products that are PH Balanced, Sulfate free, and Paraben free. Safe for the whole family to use.

“I started The Moisture Factory in March 2016. I met someone who introduced to a chemist, and he happens to be the same guy that helped brands like Black Like Me and Jabu Stone start-up. He also worked with Revlon for the longest time. When I met him I was already researching and mixing my own products. I have three kids, two girls who have two different textures and I had to constantly buy different products to cater to both. And that inspired the journey.

I presented my mixtures and products that I had tried but never worked nor fulfilled their brand promise. He asked me what my unique selling point was, and what I wanted in a product. I knew I wanted hydration, with no harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and mineral oils. As natural as possible. He gave me two options one, teach me how to create the formulations or two, creates the formulas for reproduction. My curiosity took me on a journey that I will never be able to explain, every single day for the next six months I would visit his home for 5 hours learning how to create products. He had a very vibrant personality and willingness to share knowledge. He introduced me to Jabu of Jabu Stone, who also shared his knowledge about the industry. It was the best time of my life and it grounded me.”

The Moisture Factory is solving a very important problem when it comes to natural hair, and that is moisture. In less than a year, the demand for The Moisture Factory products grew at a pace faster than what Nyakalo imagined.

“In October 2016 we started selling The Moisture Factory products. What humbles me about our products is that I didn’t think it would grow at this pace. We are thankful for everyone who has been sharing the good news about our hair products. The effort they took to share with a friend, a relative, or neighbour got us to where we are now.”

The Moisture factory has a range of 9 products. Nyakalo prides herself in the process it took to create each product. Here she tells us about The Moisture Factory product range.


“Seeing that many co-washes just condition the hair without cleansing, we wanted to create something that actually cleanses. Our co-wash is a gentle, mild cleanser that defines curls, has a PH balance of 5.5 and its hypo allergic.”

Curl Custard

“Our curl custard defines curls, minimized frizz and it takes its name from the colour yellow which was added during my experiments with colour.”


Detangling Spray

“A detangling spray is essential for a painless hair regimen, especially when you’re dealing with kids’ hair. Our detangling spray softens knots while you’re wearing a protective hairstyle like braids. It hydrates the scalp, it can be used as a leave-in conditioner; plus it is a non-drip spray because what goes into the hair should stay in the hair and be absorbed by the hair. “

Hair Elixir (Sealant)

“A balance of oils that are not just meant to make your hair just shine, they’re meant absorbed into the hair strands. ”

Swimmers Shampoo

“Chelating, clarifying shampoo that hits the restart button on cleansing your hair. There to help you get rid of product build-up.”

Deep conditioner

“A deep conditioner is an important step of a healthy hair journey. My experiences with learning about my hair allowed me to know what products are needed to complete a healthy hair journey.”

Protein treatment

“I worked on it partly on my own. By this time my Chemist had unfortunately passed on. I wanted a protein treatment to strengthen hair through many factors that cause hair loss. I spoke to my supplier and because she gets me we came up with this product that you only have to use once a week and it makes your hair three times stronger.”

That Gel

“That Gel is our best seller. This gel is from the gods (laughs). It lays edges, with no shine, and leaves no residue. One of the most frequent phrases from women who use The Moisture Factory is “I’m here for that gel.” As organised as I am, I can’t keep up with the demand of That Gel. It pushed me to jump when I didn’t feel like jumping. I couldn’t comprehend its demand so I gave it to a few friends who are hair stylists and I was amazed by the feedback. They used the gel to smooth and revive cornrows, while some women use it to lay edges and style their hair.”

Edge Control Balm

Their Edge Growth Balm was launched recently to especially cater to the hairline loss experienced during winter protective hairstyles. Comparing it to the Hair Elixir is like comparing an apple with melted toffee. Both are good for you but the other is Turbo-charge.

“It doesn’t matter how you wear your hair, there will always be that someone who puts you in a box. Whatever you’re doing with your hair, just take care of it at all times.”

Which products would you recommend to someone who just went natural?

“Our curl range package is the simplest and best place to start. Start with a co-wash, rinse it off after 30min, pat dry, apply our curl custard, seal with Hair Elixir and you’re done, the detangler is what you spray every day”

With 9 products in their range, The Moisture factory prides itself on listening to what people want and bringing products that solve hair problems.

“It is not about having the biggest range of products, but about solving hair problems, and making the natural hair journey a little bit easier for women.”

What is your hair advise to women?

“We live in a time where women are constantly being told what to do or what is good and bad hair. It doesn’t matter how you wear your hair, there will always be that someone who puts you in a box. Whatever you’re doing with your hair, just take care of it at all times.”


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