Whether you are straightening your hair or just getting ready for a special occasion; with added volume and colour, your next Benny and Betty hairdo doesn’t have to be boring.

The genius of African hair-styling methods is their ability to protect and grow the hair, while you look beautiful. One of the most popular styling methods for Afro hair is African threading, which is known by many names. In Nigeria they call it Irun Kiko, in Zimbabwe: Mabhanzi and in South Africa is it popularly known as Benny and Betty.

What is African threading?

African threading is a styling technique where you cover your hair strands by winding with wool or thread from the root up, straightening your hair as you go. Much like the recently popular fauxlocs method. Hair can be sectioned into big or small blocks, while the threaded hair sticks out or combined in different patterns. Perfect for stretching hair without using heat.

The convenience of this styling method has made it a go-to hairstyle for school pupils. Naturalistas find this hairstyle convenient for washday, wearing it while they straihten the afro without using heat. In the work of the late Nigerian Photographer, J. D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere the African threading method is seen in a more fashionable way. Worn by young women in intricate patterns for special occasions.

With added volume and colour, your next Mabhanzi hairdo doesn’t need to be boring. Afrifro Hair Salon created this look using Marley hair extensions to add volume and t-yarn to add colour colour.

What we love about this hairstyle

  • Retains length
  • Straightens your hair without using heat
  • It is a protective hairstyle
  • Quick and easy to do
  • You can switch it up for an up-do
  • Any yarn material can be used to add colour, we used t-yarn.

Afrifro Hair Salon

Afri-Fro is a hair salon in Braamfontein dedicated to providing quality hair care for African hair (Afros and Dreadlocks). It aims at providing high customer care satisfaction through excellent service, quality products, and a pleasurable atmosphere at reasonable prices.

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Makeuo Artist: Basetsana Seripe



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