So you’ve slayed a few weeks in your faux locs, braids or cornrows, and now it’s time to take down your protective hairstyle. How do you make sure you don’t break your hair or torture your scalp while you’re at it? We asked Darling hairstylist to take us through the process of taking down a protective hairstyle.

Before taking down your braids

  • Make sure your hair is treated a week prior to taking down your braids and ensure that they are well moisturised on the scalp to prevent breakage
  • Be wary of your own hair before cutting the sealed ends to ensure that you don’t cut your own hair

After taking down the braids

  • Use a detangle spray on the braids if the hair has developed knots and leave it on the hair for 10 minutes
  • Take your time and use your fingers to split the hair open
  • Finger comb your hair as much as possible before applying a wide tooth comb
  • Comb your hair from the tip to the root
  • Wash the hair using a hydrating shampoo
  • Conduct a scalp and hair treatment


How long should I wear a protective hairstyles for?

  • Each style has different characteristics. Some styles last longer, while others don’tfor example, you can’t leave Braids and Twists styles in for up to 8 weeks.

How long should I wait till my next hair style?

  • Wait for a week if the scalp did not experience any scalp irritation during the process of taking down your braids
  • Wait for two weeks if you experienced scalp irritation during the process of taking down your braids
  • Wait for four weeks if you experienced breakage of the hair during the process of taking down your braids.

Hair by Jimmy Shibambu, Darling stylist for our winter protective style 2017

Thank you, Jimmy Shibambu.


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