Mmuja healthy hair salon was started by Tina who employed her hair stylist Clarisse to work alongside her to create a beautiful space for women. Clarisse had been doing Tina’s hair for 6 years and her joining Mmuja and being her right-hand man was no brainer. Tina tells us about their journey.

“After years of doing our hair in dusty places, we wanted to open a salon that contradicts that. Because we love beautiful, clean spaces, we wanted women, to experience luxury and comfort while doing their hair in a clean environment. I did a lot of weaves on my hair, and even when my hair was breaking that didn’t stop stylists from pulling it even more until I found Clarisse. She is my hair whisperer and she knows what she is doing when it comes to all kinds of hair. So for Mmuja, we decided to take care of the hair from nature.”

What does Mmuja mean?

“Mmuja came from my grandmother’s name, which means from nature or from the soil or from the beginning. And that is our philosophy for growing healthy hair.”

Tina’s love for beautiful spaces is seen through the colors and decor at Mmuja healthy hair salon.

“We love the color blue and beautiful clean spaces. Our decor reflects how we love and take care of ourselves.”

What do you love about owning a salon?

“Being able to employ others. Seeing women walk out feeling confident and looking pretty.”

What makes a Mmuja hairstyle?

“We’ve got two amazing hairstylists Clarisse and Sam. We focus on the health of natural hair first and because of that, we are able to do any hairstyle. Even though a lot of our clients love our braiding hairstyles best.”

What is Mmuja’s signature hairstyle?

“We do a lot of designed cornrows, our clients get creative and we love that challenge. They also love the Masai twist hairstyle done using the crochet method to avoid hair loss caused by micro braiding.”

We encourage women to grow healthy hair and teach young kids how to prepare their own hair for bed and school.

Before opening Mmuja healthy hair salon Tina worked for some of the biggest names in the finance industry.

“I previously worked at KPMG Johannesburg and London. After having my kids I wanted to break into an industry that’s closest to my heart, beauty.”

What have you learned about the beauty industry?

It’s humbling to work in the beauty industry. I learned that people are every particular with their hair and how to take care of it. We have fun and frustrating days but overall I love it.

What do you think women need to learn about their hair?

” I would love to see more women come to the salon, not to put anything on top but come in just for treatments. We need to wear our natural hair more in order to grow the love.”

Do you cater for kids’ hair?

“Yes! We get a lot of parents who have adopted and don’t know what to do with their kid’s hair. So we encourage women to grow healthy hair and teach young kids how to prepare their own hair for bed and school. For parents who don’t have enough time at home we find ways of styling hair to make it easier and bearable for the child. ”

What is your highlight at Mmuja?

“Collaborating with other brands like Nilotiqa and True Curls. Working with other women who share the same passion for hair”

What do women love about Mmuja?

“Most of our clients are professionals who come here and work while they get their hair done. Our space is quiet, relaxed and lets you have your me time. Except for weekends. Weekends are a completely different vibe.”

Mmuja also offers a free scalp analysis, zooming in 200 times more into your hair and scalp for better hair care solutions. What advice do you have for maintaining a healthy scalp?

At Mmuja we offer a free scalp analysis, based on that, we are able to choose the right products for your scalp. This helps us determine if the client can use normal or clinical products for their treatments. My advice for maintaining a healthy scalp is: keep your scalp clean so your pores can breathe. This can be done by doing a scalp treatment every now and then. Also please stop torturing the scalp whether it’s through pulling or clogging your pores with too much product. Also please give your scalp time to breathe from styling by just having your own hair.

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