Whether you are looking for an edgy hairdo or just preparing your hair for bed, Bantu knots are here for the good health of your mane. Here’s how to moisturise and twist your way to healthy knots.

What we used

  • wide tooth comb
  • Water spritz
  • Aunt Jackie’s Curl lala Defining Curl Custard
  • Umera’s Jamaican Black castor oil
  • rubber hair bands

Step 1: On clean, detangled hair. Part your hair into sections.

Step 2 – 3: For each Bantu knot, apply a small amount water or a water-based spritz. Apply a conditioner/moisturiser/curling custard. We used Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la.

Step 4 – 5: Apply your choice of sealant, we used Umera’s Jamaican black castor oil. Detangle your hair some more.

Step 6: Take two parts of the hair. Twist each strand clockwise and create a two strand twist.

Step 7: Twist the two-strand twist into a knot. Secure the knot with a hair band, wool or bobby pin. 

Wear them as an overnight protective hairstyle for a well-behaved afro in the morning, or wear them for a few days for more define curls. When you take them out enjoy your curled popping Afro.




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