Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can go through. It is life changing and at times stressful, during this time hair growth also goes through its ups and downs. So how does hair growth get affected by pregnancy?

During pregnancy, our bodies naturally give an extra supply of nutrients and that means more nourishment for our nails and hair which normally are last in line to receive nutrition. Because of this a lot of women experience healthier hair during pregnancy.

Giving birth puts the body under extreme stress which affects hair growth, not the negative stresses of everyday life but that of the body muscles working overtime to welcome the little human. A few months after giving birth the body goes through the telogen (resting) phase where hair stops growing, falls out and then eventually goes back to its natural growth phase. But we experience pregnancy differently, for moms who are not clued up on pregnancy hair you might think there is something wrong with your health but hair growth reacts to growth factors slower than what we think. We asked natural moms Lungi, Keketso, Aisha and Nonzuzo to share their pregnancy hair stories and how it affected their natural hair regimens.


During my pregnancy, the biggest perk apart from the spiritual journey was that my hair grew longer and fuller at a rapid rate which was amazing. I had already started growing my natural hair for about three years, during the pregnancy it grew really well and got 10 times fuller and longer in a very short space of time especially because I wasn’t using anything on my hair at the time.

I’ll admit first-time moms are beyond paranoid so I didn’t want anything in my hair. After giving birth, I started a hair regimen and I’ve literally been living by it since.


During my pregnancy, my hair shedding decreased dramatically; my hair was fuller, my edges were fuller & I did not experience a lot of tangling. Other than that I did not notice any other changes in, my hair so there weren’t any major learnings.

After pregnancy, I have experienced some postpartum shedding, especially around my edges *sob*, I will be using oils to massage the area in order to stimulate growth and also staying away from tight styles.

I’ve also noticed that my hair is dryer, this could be due to the transition into the cooler months, so I will be upping my moisture levels by moisturising and sealing regularly and carrying on with my deep conditioning routine.


I kept my hair away most of the time I was pregnant. By the time I was in my third trimester, I regularly wore wigs with my hair cornrowed or flat twisted underneath. I was so exhausted and busy preparing for my baby that I really didn’t want to have to think about my hair in the mornings. Getting up and going to work after a sleepless night was already a challenge! I knew that when I gave birth it’d be even worse time-wise, so I had my hair tucked under my wig for the first two months, washing and deep conditioning it as regularly as possible.

I’d never experienced such volume and I quickly became overwhelmed by it. Shortly before I returned to work, I started noticing that my hairline was receding and soon afterward my hair was falling out in clumps. I’d prayed I wouldn’t suffer from postpartum shedding and continued using my vitamins as advised but it didn’t stop my hair from falling out. I knew that it needed a lot of TLC that I didn’t have the time or energy to give it while juggling the responsibilities of new motherhood, work and well, life! Realising that my hair needed to work for my new lifestyle rather than the other way around, I decided to start over and big chopped again. It was so refreshing! My hairline has grown back and my hair loss is almost over. I’m glad I left it alone and let it do its thing while being able to freely concentrate on other important things in my life. I’m now back in love with my hair because I don’t feel held down by it.


I naturally have thick hair but during my pregnancy, it thickened even more. I had awesome pregnancy hair. I did not have to change any of my products – thank goodness. I’m loyal to my AfriLove brand and I used it throughout my pregnancy. I read up a lot about postpartum and shedding and I started taking extra care of my hair during my 2nd and 3rd trimester. My postpartum hair consists of protective styling in order to minimize shedding. My hair did shed after birth (still does almost 6 months later) but it’s nothing major because it’s still very thick. I am assuming it’s just the extra thickness incurred during my pregnancy that is now shedding off. Thankfully I still haven’t had to change the products I use.

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