Nthati is a JHB-based wig maker who’s known for her variety of wig styles. She started sewing wigs in 2015, after experiencing hair loss she struggled to find wigs that had full volume and variety of curls, so she modified store-bought wigs and eventually made her own.

The reaction from friends and family made her realise that while she was solving her problem she was creating Big Ntha wigs.

“A lot of women experience hair loss because of tight hairstyles, heavy dreadlocks and often they are sold solutions that don’t help and I know this through experience. For women who have experienced hair loss or damaged hair wigs have become a safe place while we heal. With wigs, you can grow healthy hair without applying any tension on your hair and scalp.”

At what moment did you realise that you have to start selling wigs?

“My intention was not to sell wigs, I started sewing wigs to suit my style because I couldn’t find wigs with enough volume or variety of styles. I started selling to friends and family and eventually, I had way too many orders and I found myself spending most of my time sewing, selling wigs, and mending old wigs.”

What have you learned about wigs?

“I used to think that owning one wig was enough and at the beginning, I feared that this would slow down my business; over the years I learned that like me, a woman can own more than 5 wigs. Wigs are hairstyles and we love changing our hairstyles.”

“I love big hair so that’s my first inspiration.”

What is Big Ntha’s signature wig style?

“Twist braids and bob hairstyles.”

What inspires your wig hairstyles?

“I love big hair so that’s my first inspiration. Lately, I have been forced to watch local television soapies because most of my clients often reference local celebrities for wig style inspiration.”

Tell us about Big Ntha plus size clothing?

“Just like my wigs, when I buy clothes I take them to a tailor to cut and add to suit my body and style. Other girls my size started asking me where I buy my clothes and eventually I started creating clothing for selling. My studio is shared with a fashion designer Daisy who does most of my fashion work.”

What was your biggest highlight for Big Ntha Wigs?

“Most of my highlights are dressing my favourite celebrities and women I look up to. My biggest highlight was dressing Thuli Madonsela in a bob wig for SONA 2015.”

What have you learned from running your own business?

“Managing money. It doesn’t matter how much money you make if you don’t plan and track you will never see your growth. Orders or no orders I wake up every morning, go to my studio in Maboneng and make wigs.

Big Ntha Wigs is known for her variety of styles, shapes and bold textures of her wigs.

“Women love versatility, not all wigs have to be big and cover your whole head, women with haircuts like mohawks also love adding volume to their hairstyles. I sew a variety of wig shapes like mohawk clip-on’s and braids.”

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