Shrinkage is the reason why women will have a strict nighttime routine, cut and relax their hair out of frustration or hoping to achieve better styling. Hair can shrink up to 70% of its length and that can be frustrating for your length goals. Although most women see it as a disadvantage for length and maintenance, shrinkage is actually good for your hair. It is also the most natural state your hair can be in and that can only mean healthy benefits. Here are more reasons to embrace the shrinkage:

Your hair naturally protects itself

With the ends of your hair tucked in much like protective hair styling, shrinkage protects hair from natural harm and helps retain moisture for longer.

Your hair is beautiful

Shrinkage shows off the natural pattern of your curl and the volume of your hair makes Afro hairstyles even more beautiful.

Protective hairstyles last longer

When your hair gets moisture it bounces back to its natural state and in doing so it tightens your hair with the braid pattern of your protective hairstyle.

Give your hair a break

Shrinkage gives your hair a complete break from styling, lets your hair breathe and grow as nature intended.

So the next time your hair shrinks after a rainy day or wash day just remember that its a sign of healthy Afro hair. And for days when you want to show off your length, try one of these nighttime routines.

When was the last time you embraced your hair in its most natural state?

Pictures: #SpotTheMane
Thando Kaye

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