Elo’s background as a fine artist opens up her imagination for hair colour. Her hair-colour pink represents a balance of bold and sweet. Soft and unmistakable.

What inspires your hair colour?

I’m an artist and I grew up doing fine art, my strength is more abstract and working with colour. To me, each shade of colour has a character and that’s why pink. It’s bold and sweet. Soft and unmistakable. A combination of blood and light (red and white).

When did you start wearing your hair pink?


You have a very distinctive style of music and music video direction. Does that affect the way you wear your hair?

Not all. I like sorts of hairstyles especially the typical Afro types.


What’s your regular hair care routine?

Now that I’ve coloured my natural hair I need a new routine. I simply shampoo, condition and moisturize. It’s the products I use that are most important then I just follow the instructions on the bottles.

Three words to define your hair.

Honest, bold and present.


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