What hair care steps do you take before you go to sleep? How often do you stick to a night time routine? We asked the following women to share their night time routine tips and recipes.

One of the most exciting things about caring for your mane is that you start learning how it behaves, develop routines and understand what to do when you want it to look a certain way. Like the night time routine, that most women rely on for the good health of their manes and a well behaved afro in the morning. A night time routine consists of moisturising, detangling, wearing an overnight protective style and covering your hair before you sleep. Night time routines differ with every woman from how much moisture your hair absorbs, the length of your hair, how much time you have and most importantly how far you’re willing to go for a well behaved afro in the morning.



Faith Siziba

Well my night time routine really just depends on my mood… I usually base my scalp and hairline with hair food (I use Jabu stone hair products)  just before I braid it into 2 cornrows or with wool. I do this every night.
It takes about 45 minutes and I do it every night except for some late nights out where i’m too tired and all I wanna do when I get home is sleep.



Tshego Mashala

I don’t do much when I sleep. I just wear a beanie. My routine is in the morning when I shower I sprinkle water on it to make sure it stays moist.



Noxolo Ntintili

For my night time routine, I part my hair into 4-16 sections (depending on how much time I have) then I use my All natural water based spray which is prepared weekly or fortnightly on each section. The spray is really great for low porosity hair because I included light oils like grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil, but also to prevent potential itches and to help people who may be suffering from ringworms or dandruff, I chose to add tea tree oil which has antibacterial properties. The honey is just for the added shine 


Because the spray is my liquid foundation, I use Coconut Oil as a moisturising oil, then I use either castor oil or Shea butter/cream to seal all that moisture in before I do 2 strand twists or 3 strand braids. To keep them off my face I tuck them in bantu style knots then I cover with a satin scarf.

Because this is a heavy moisturising routine, I usually do it around 7 p.m or 8 p.m to give it enough time to not stain my pillows but I usually put a towel just in case. Sometimes I do not undo the twists that I have made in the morning, and then I just wear a head-wrap as an accessory, by the time I undo them, I have a really great twist-out which is defined and not dry.

I try to do this at least 3 times a week. In between I rock a high puff, which works well for formal events, work (for those strict bosses), school, dates and lazy days. For a bolder fashion statement, parties, and more relaxed settings, I go for an up-do which looks amazing if the hair is from a direct twist out but if you don’t have time, grab a shoelace and you’re good to go.



Aphelele Somi

I’m actually not that fussy about night-time hair prep…I enjoy head massages and I give myself those using some Shea butter and I do twists that I let loose in the morning. I try to do this at least twice a week, right after washing my hair (yes, I wash my hair that often). I don’t wear iduku.



Christelle Mutumbo

I make sure that my hair is always moisturised by spraying water to my hair; I then take my oils which include Alma oil, coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil and olive oil etc and mixed them together in a spray bottle, after wetting my hair, I spray the oils on my roots and tips, and massage. Once done, I put in my leave-in conditioner, divide my hair into four sections and twist my hair.




Olivia Angi

My name is Catherine Olivia Angi, Tanzanian lifestyle blogger (www.kayiniafrika.com) but soon to relocate to www.oliviazjournal.com, I have been natural for almost 3 years now but the journey is still not easy it needs love and patience between the processes.

Night time routine

  • Daily Spritz (This includes water, coconut oil and any citrus fruit mostly orange)
    I use the spritz to moisturise my crown in the mornings and nights
  • Satin head scarf

My night time routine:

Usually it depends on the hairstyle that I’m planning for for the next day but mainly the routine is:

  1.      Before spraying the daily spritz to my crown I section my hair into four parts
  2.     Create  twists or To plait “mabutu” (Swahili name for bantu knots)
  3.     Finally tie my satin head scarf and off to bed

Do I stick to this Routine?

I really try to except when I’m in protective style that’s the time I may be a little lazy otherwise I really hold on tight to this routine. There may be few lazy days that I will sleep with my crown in its free state but then I’ll have to be ready to embrace shrinkage the next day.



Lusanda Mayaya

My hair routine is simple, when my hair is in protective style I use a homemade liquid moisturizer and spray my hair at night and I cover my hair. And if my hair is not in protective style then I use a wide tooth comb, section my hair spray each section till hair feels damp, and then I either use hair food or MPL oil and plait hair into protective style and cover with my head scarf,  reason for all this is to keep my hair moist ,strong and soft. I do it every day, unless I feel that my hair still has enough moisture, then I do it two nights in a row and one day off, another two nights then off.


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