The growing love and demand for Kenya’s Masai twist braids in South Africa


Masai twist braids have become increasingly popular in South Africa; the thought of sitting for a minimum of two hours for three months long worth of beautiful micro braids urged us to find out more about the hairstyle. We visited Solomon, a hairdresser from Kenya specializing in Masai twist braids. Solomon and his brothers have been spinning hair since they can remember.

Where did you learn to twist hair?

Influenced by our culture and history, twisting hair is a skill we acquire from a very young age. We grew up twisting our own and each other’s hair.

It is known to be taboo for Masai men to touch women’s hair. Is that true?

That is not true, I feel like we are connected. For us, the most important thing is the connection we have with our clients.

How long have Masai men been twisting hair in South Africa?

For our brothers who arrived in South Africa before us, it’s been over ten years. A lot of women don’t know the name of the hairstyle but social media platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook are helping with awareness and growth of our Masai twist salons.

How many salons do you have?

I have salons in Pretoria, Polokwane and Johannesburg. Our clients travel around the country to find us, due to the demand we work mostly with appointments.

What’s next for Solomon twist salon?

I plan to open more salons; soon I’ll be opening one in Cape Town due to the growing demand of clients. I plan to employ more people in to keep the salons running smoothly and professionally.



Masai twists originate from the Masai tribe in Kenya and Tanzania. Culturally Masai warriors, twisted by fellow Masai brothers, wear the hairstyle. The increasing developments in African countries and cities have opened eyes to a growing hair business for Masai men. A skill once exclusive to Masai warriors has now created a business spreading across other African countries. And here in South Africa Solomon and Samuweli are just getting started.

Solomon twist salon contact details

WhatsApp: 0781444779 or 0622849066