Protective hairstyles 101 and creative ways of switching it up with Joan Akob

What are protective hairstyles?

Protective hairstyling is when you plait or tie your hair with the ends tucked in. This ranges from a simple sock bun to braids and wigs. Protective hairstyles not only save you time in front of the mirror; they’re also a great way for protecting your hair ends from breaking. When you have a protective hairstyle on, your hair locks in moisture, absorb nutrients better and is free from the stretching and pulling that comes with everyday styling. This hibernation period gives your hair a break and can allow it to grow freely. To get the most out of protective hairstyles here are a few tips:

  • Before getting your protective hairstyling on it is important to give your hair a good washing, conditioning, and untangling session.
  • Twist out every section of the hair that is to be braided before installing a braid. This will reduce breakage when it’s time to undo your protective hairstyle.
  • Pulling your hair too tight can cause breakage, loss of hairline and nasty pimples on your edges.
  • Wear a satin bonnet or scarf for overnight protection.
  • A water-based spray works wonders for keeping hair soft and frizz-free.
  • Leaving a protective hairstyle on for too long can also cause clumps and knots that might leave you with no choice but to cut your tangled hair.

Switching it up with Joan Akob

Your protective hairstyle must be one you can enjoy. So we asked Joan Akob, creative lifestyle, Christian blogger and vlogger at The Curly Christian Girl to share her creative flair on protective hairstyles and how she switches them up.

4 Ways with Faux Locs

2 haircuts in 1 with Senegalese Twists

I really enjoyed my Senegalese twists, but when they got old, I decided to recycle them into something different. I cut them Bob length and wrapped the tips with black tape. It’s a type of tape specific for hair used to seal the ends of your braids. It’s something we use a lot back home in Cameroon. I love recycling old hairstyles into something trendy. If not the tape, then those gold/silver hair rings could be used after burning the ends of the hair so they don’t unravel.

DIY Crochet Wig

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