Part of growing healthy hair is avoiding excessive heat because it makes your hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage. When it comes to styling, we often use heat to curl or straighten. It’s quick and effective but not good for the healthiness of your mane. There are so many ways you can curl your hair without using heat. Have fun with different curl patterns and enjoy more volume – try Bantu knots for tight curls and perm rods for bigger, loose curls. Here, hair and beauty bloggers leave us spoiled for choice on that next curl switch up – with fun tutorials on how to curl your hair without using heat.

1. Flat twist

2. Bantu knots

3. Roller set curls

4. Perm rod set

5. Flexi rod set

6. Finger coils

This only makes up some of many methods you can use to curl your hair, read more about this topic and how to keep your curls popping for longer here. Which one have you tried?

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