One of the most exciting things about the holidays is being able to do hairstyles you can’t wear to school.

For kids, most parents prefer a protective hairstyle that will last for long, like braids. This is also the perfect time to try colourful accessories and hair extensions. When choosing a protective hairstyle, make sure the health of your child’s hair comes first. To inspire you is Kamva and Nini of Chocolate Hair Sisters. And Mbali, founder of Kiddies Korner Hair Salon shares some tips on kids protective hairstyles:

  • Don’t add too many braids, you don’t want to add too much weight to the kids’ hair.
  • You must be able to tie long braids to give your child a break.
  • Do not pull: Remember to be as gentle as possible when styling kids’ hair.
  • Once the hair is in a protective hairstyle, do not neglect the hair. Keep it moisturised with a water-based spritz. That way, when we undo the hair, there aren’t many ouchies.
  • De-tangle their hair first before braiding/styling.
  • Wash their hair regularly even when they have a protectuve hairstyle on.
  • Don’t keep the protective hairstyle in for too long. This causes too many ouchies when it’s time to remove the protective hairstyle. Keep a protective hairstyle in for 4 weeks maximum.

For Kamva’s hair
We used wool and only added hair extensions at the ends of each cornrow. This allows her to enjoy longer hair without adding too much weight to her hair.

For Nini’s hair

We used freehand plaiting. This method is the safest for kids’ protective hairstyles. Add colourful accessories like beads.

Which protective hairstyle will you be trying on your child?


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