It is true that a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. Saana Lathan just big chopped following an announcement to topline the Netflix film titled Happily Ever After. An adaptation of a best-selling novel by Trisha R. Thomas. Happily Ever After is about a young woman who has everything a girl could ever ask for, a great job, a handsome loving boyfriend, a beautiful home, you name it! With her hopes high she gets disappointed and turns her life around with a big chop.

This book is defined to be “a bold declaration of independence”, something that all women know to be true when it comes to changing your hair. Big chops can be terrifying but once it’s done you will feel liberated. We love big chop stories and this one has us looking forward to seeing how Sanaa Lathan will portray the role of Violet in the Netflix film Happily Ever After. She looks absolutely beautiful.


#NappilyEverAfter 👶🏽

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