Washday is upon us and it’s giveaway time!

Hello! For this happy wash day, we’re so excited to announce our new makeup and skin care contributor, Basetsana – Makeup professional and artist at heart. Her first post is a skin-prep routine that improves the appearance of your makeup. Did you know that Rosewater can be used to help your skin absorb moisture? Read more about this on How to prepare skin for makeup.

Make sure to check out our Nilotiqa giveaway and a few links of note below.

Links of note

If you missed out on some of our posts in the past few weeks, here are some links to note.

We’re giving away a set of 3 hair products with love from Nilotiqa. [Closed]

If you’re growing your hair natural from relaxed hair, you can either choose to big chop or transition. Both methods require patience but knowing which products to use can be the most tricky part. And that’s where Nilotiqa products come in. Whether you are on a new natural hair journey, thinking about it or just maintaining healthy afro hair. Nilotiqa wants to be part of this journey with you, and we’re giving away their Deep Moisture Butter, Detangling Cream and Replenishing Conditioner.

To enter

Simply tell us: Which method do you prefer for going natural, big chop or transition? And why?
e.g “Big chop, I would like to experiment with really short hairstyles.”

T’s & C’s: Competition is open to South African Citizens only. Competition ends on Friday the 7th October 2017. The winner will be announced on Monday the 9th October 2017.


Happy Wash Day!

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  • Paula Pau Keta

    Hey, can I comment here for the Nilotiqa prize? If so then ….

    I prefer to transition. Iv been texlaxed and my hair is bsl and I’m not ready to go drastically short and dealing with multiple textures is easy peezy for me.
    Iv been transitioning for over a year and I’m dying to see my curl pattern and play around with it! So excited

  • Zoë Adriaanse

    I personally prefer the big chop and here’s why; I had heat and color damage and at the stage I thought it wasn’t that bad and I’d just cut my hair little by little. After about 2 years I finally thought my hair was 100% healthy and being Zoë and completely dye obsessed I bleached my hair cause I wanted Goldie Locks. My hair seemed okay after this but when I tried to blow dry my hair I noticed that more than 80% of my hair was damaged, damaged to the point where no treatment would make it better. I couldn’t blow dry through majority of the bottom section of hair and then and there I cut more then half my hair off, I cried a little but the following wash and go I did shook me. My curls had more definition, the texture even felt different like I was basically at my “hair goals” considering the health of my hair.
    So I strongly believe there’s no use keeping dead ends around, they’ll weigh down your hair and doing a big chop might be dramatic and you’ll defiantly look different and styling your hair won’t be as easy but you’ll get the hang of it and healthy hair happens to grow a lot faster.

  • Vhutali-Hawe

    I did a big chop… I had postpartum shedding and my hair line receded by almost 25mm. It allowed me a fresh start. New baby,New hair. My hair line recovered really well after the big chop. I loved having a twa because it helped me experiment with my hair and as it grew I fell in love with being natural more. I’m pregnant again but now I’m better equipped to deal with hair challenges.

    • manechick

      Hi Vhutali-Hawe, Congratulations on winning a set of 3 Nilotiqa Hair products. Please email us your contact details and address for courier at manechics@gmail.com

  • Andy Mbangeni

    I did my first big chop about 6-7 years ago. Well it forces you to acknowledge your beauty without hair and you feel lighter. But in essence it’s easier to manage and easier to try and figure out your hair when it’s growing from scratch.

  • Joslyne Andrea Cloete

    I prefer transitioning. For years I had hair damage and now its really easy to transition into natural. I love my hair texture and its easy to style and manage!!!

  • nontobeko zungu

    I chose and recommend the big chop, this is because I realised, as I was contemplating going natural that the disdain and fear I had for my hair was rooted in the low self esteem that years of hearing and then internalizing how ‘ugly women have natural hair.’ I realised that the only way I was going to get over this fear of being perceived as ugly was to attack it head on and force myself to find one thing I loved about my overall look everyday. Cutting my hair freed me of the obligation that I thought I owed to the world to always be pretty, I now try and impress me and only me, regardless of what people say. The big chop was also liberating because for once I was doing something for me and only me, now both the negative and positive comments about my hair from strangers and family roll of my back because I no longer need external affirmation to love what I see in the mirror.

  • salted lays

    I prefer to transition (what I’m currently doing) don’t have much knowledge on natural hair regimens and routines.. I had medium length relaxed hair but it started breaking and was looking thin and damaged. So I’m just trying to protect my scalp and use protective hairstyles to grow out the unprocessed hair so I can cut off the damaged and relaxed ends.

  • Kassandra Kassy Bindeman

    I prefer the transition I find the thought of chopping off all my hair pretty scary as I’ve never had short hair and wouldn’t know what to do with it. I started my transition last year December and I just started with a small chop off my ends and there after a chop off the ends every 2nd month I very much enjoyed my decision as i was still able to tie up and style my hair as normal. I’m amazed at the results and how fast my hair has grown. My hair has gone back to its natural texture and I’m pleased as my natural curl is back.

  • Sisipho

    I prefer the transition. Recently i have just reverted my hair to natural and i have discovered that i have heat damage. A lot of people say i should just do a big chop and re-start my hair but i think Not. I will definitely cut my ends every month till my ends also revert. I am just not really in love with the idea of choping my hair. It scares me. Although i have had short hair for about 3 years because of the school i went to, now it just scares me .

    I want to see my hair grow naturally without having to start from the beginning. I want to see growth and end results ASAP although i know its going to take time. Im willing to put in the time.

  • Sbosh

    big chop, i love short hair and it suites me.

  • Amana

    I say big chop. I believe transitioning is harder because you have to deal with two textures and you have to find different methods to take care of those 2 textures. You also have to deal with trimming the relax ends every few weeks till your hair is fully natural. Also, big chopping is so freeiing! I’ve big chopped probably 3 times in my life and it always symbolizes positive change in my life (not just for my hair but life in general). And lastly, having short hair for those few months means less work, and more fun!

    Btw my name Amanda not Amana lol

  • Sindiswa Nene

    I prefer the big chop. Starting from the bottom really gives you an opportunity to learn what kind of natural you have. My hair is extremely thick and full of volume so I begin the journey to read the different types of oils I can use to make sure its always moisturized, soft and not dry. The chop also made me change my diet and the importance of drinking water. Cause really what you eat can contribute to your hair growth and strength.

  • Rachel

    Big chop. I’ve tried to transition for over a year and it’s been quite hard due to the damage I have done on my hair. So I believe the big chop would do me justice. Also, excited to try out short hair 🙂

  • Mutale

    I transitioned for 7 months, eventually I got tired of maintaining 2 different textures of hair. As my natural hair got longer and fuller, it made my relaxed ends look really thin. Not to mention styling became a hassle and I ran out of creative ways to hide my relaxed hair. After a lengthy process of transitioning I decide my relaxed ends had to go. I really commend the ladies that go ahead and big chop, it’s so beautiful to see ladies embrace all kinds of different looks.