Legends Barber is a barbershop that was founded by Sheldon, in Eldorado Park. Legends Barber is known for their slick trims, creating the coolest haircuts we see on celebrities like Mmasechaba Ndlovu, Nasty-C and Ricky-Rick. Just to name a few.

Legends Barber has four branches and one more opening soon – Eldorado Park, Florida, Zone 6 venue, and Pretoria.

We visited their Soweto barbershop, located in one of Soweto’s coolest corners Zone 6 Venue. We interviewed Soweto Manager/Partner/Barber Levine, while our model Phumi experienced a legendary haircut.

How did Legends Barber start?

“Legends Barber started on a stoep next to a Spa grocery store in Eldorado Park. When our clientele increased we moved into our first shop in Eldorado Park, in 2011. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to close business. In 2014 we reopened in Eldorado Park Ext 6 and came back with a bang!”

What did you do differently when you came back?

“After becoming became aware of what we were capable of, we took ourselves seriously. We also use our skills to give back to the communities around us, through school and old age home visits.”

What makes a Legends Barber haircut?

“Brotherhood, consistency, going the extra mile on service and training our barbers.”

Which haircut do you enjoy crafting the most?

Personally, I enjoy any intricately designed haircut. Anything that gives me a challenge.

Are you planning to open more branches?

Yes, we are opening in Durban next.

What is Legends Barber’s most popular haircut?

For the ladies, Lootlove and Mmasechaba Ndlovu’s haircuts and for the gents, Ricky Rick and Nanst C’s haircuts.

What inspires your Barbers?

We are inspired by our brotherhood, support and ability to help each other progress.

Thank you Levine.

Legends Barber Barbershops

  • Eldorado park ext.6,Crystal
  • Mall18 second avenue, Florida
  • Zone 6 venue, Soweto
  • 1066 Burnett St, Hatfield, Pretoria

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