Are you experiencing dry hair and low moisture retention? You are not alone.

Dry hair is common among women with curly or coiled hair. Although our hair follicles produce more oil than many other hair types, our coil pattern hinders oil from distributing across the length of our hair strand. Therefore we need to manually open our hair cuticles, let moisture in, lock it in and in some cases manually close our hair cuticles. Besides our beautiful coils, other factors include harsh weather conditions, excessive use of heat, chemicals, and moisture absorbing materials that get into contact with our hair.

Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning is an important part of a healthy hair routine, most deep conditioning treatments can be done from once up to 3 times a month depending on how much your hair needs the vitamins, protein or moisture. When your hair is dry add an extra deep conditioning treatment to your routine to boost the health of your hair.

Wear a protective hairstyle

To avoid everyday manipulation and exposing your hair ends to harsh weather conditions, tuck it in. Try loose braids, buns, and twist (whether flat or out). Wear wigs and be cautious of the hairline, wear doeks and don’t forget the silky lining. And most importantly when wearing a protective hairstyle, don’t forget your daily routine of moisturising and overnight protection.


Your hair might be dry because you are not taking the right steps of moisturising. The biggest mistake women make is applying hair moisturisers or oils on dry hair. Spray water on your hair before applying your moisturiser or oil. For a step by step on how to moisturise natural hair, click here.

Overnight protection

Consider wearing an overnight protective hairstyle like bantu knots or twists after you moisturise your hair. Check our nighttime routine for more ways that you can prepare your hair before bed. Wear a beanie or scarf with satin lining or sleeping on a satin pillowcase to avoid your hair losing moisture.

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