Clicks has a new extensive selection of quality products, all dedicated to natural african hair. And that means you can unleash you hair’s beautiful possibilities with ease and pleasure.

Whether you’re looking for a nutrient-rich treatment or simply want more bounce, the assortment of trusted brands on offer – Design Essentials, Cantu, Aunt Jackie’s, Hask, Twisted Sista, ORS Curls Unleashed, Noughty, Tropic Isle Living, Afro Botanics, Black Pearl, Donna, My Natural Hair,

Garnier Ultimate Blends, Dark & Lovely Au Naturale and Palmer’s – get to the root of the problem to make sure that your tresses always stay nourished, glossy and look great all day.

To introduce this range, Clicks will be hosting an exclusive event where you will get to rub shoulders with the who’s who of the hair industry and leave with much needed mane inspiration.

Comment below and tell us what you love about your natural and you could walk away with a ticket to the Clicks Curls event for you and a friend.

PLEASE NOTE: To enter the competition, you need to be based in Johannesburg.


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  • Lynette

    My Dear Fro, hello, l know you are there and l know that l sometimes don’t show you that l love you and l care but l do. I’m still learning and still trying to understand you but all in all, l love that you are you, you have a mind of your own, some days you go don’t need a comb and some days you glow in your twist out and some days you don’t want to hear from nobody. l love you just the way you are, I love that you are also working with me and are still growing (even when l neglect you)
    I love that we are walking this journey of learning TOGETHER and we continue to be inspired, motivated and continue to find products that help us too. So, let hope we are chosen and get to go to this cool event

  • ZuriNoir

    I never quite understood what so many meant when they said that going natural is a ‘journey’. I used to think it was quite an exaggeration…until I transitioned in 2014! I went my whole life until that point ands never even saw or touched my afro.Fast forward to almost 3 years later and I cant even believe I am the woman I am when I look in the mirror and marvel at my hair. My golden brown, somewhat rebellious, always fascinating, 4c GLORY! What an experience getting to know her has been. I learn more about her everyday, how to nourish and style her and I’m impressed by how quickly I pick up new skills…and how I’ve become the BIGGEST product junkie. Lol. I’ll never regret going natural…how can one deny the experience of re-introducing themselves to the world 🙂

  • Karabo Sibiya

    I love my natural hair because it looks healthier and more fuller than when I use to relax