Want to get you a hairstyle that does both? Get your Bantu knots on.

Whether your hair is straight, curly or locked, Bantu knots are here to give us versatility and style. This hairstyle can be worn for overnight protection or for the everyday slaying. To inspire you is lifestyle blogger OluSike, her timeline reminds us of how beautiful and versatile Bantu knots are.

“Bantu knots are the go-to hairstyle after I have washed my hair. I do not use heat and sometimes I leave them to dry for three or four days. I love Bantu knots.” – OluSike

Like many protective hairstyles, Bantu knots are perfect to do on washday. After detangling, washing and moisturising your hair, twist your hair into knots, wear them as an overnight protective hairstyle for a well-behaved afro in the morning or wear them for a few days for more define curls. When you take them out enjoy your curled popping afro.

Reasons why we love Bantu Knots

  • Easy and quick to do
  • Great for stretching/curling your hair without using heat.
  • While your hair is tucked in your ends stay protected and that reduces breakage.
  • The twisting method of Bantu knots locks moisture in so it is perfect for dry or thinning hair.
  • Proudly African hairstyle

For more hairstyle inspiration by OluSike
Instagram: @thegoddessolusike
Youtube: The Goddess OluSike

Thank you, OluSike


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