Curl your dreadlocks to switch up from a boring straight look to beautiful bouncy curls. The process of curling your dreadlocks can also work as a protective hairstyle while you wait for your hair to completely dry but that will depend on which method you use. To get you started we share simple steps to curl your dreadlocks and natural hair blogger Nangamiso inspires us with the results of each method.

To curl your dreadlocks (for all three methods)

  1. Wash your hair or spray it with water so that it is damp. Perfect for washday!
  2. Apply your choice of styling or curling gel/moisturiser.
  3. Style your dreadlocks by using perm rods, braids or lock knots.
  4. Leave your hair until it is completely dry. If you love the look leave it on for a few days, this will give you a more defined curl.
  5. Remove the perm rods, undo the braid or knots and enjoy your curly bouncy new hairstyle.

Perm rods


Lock knots

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Thank you, Nangamiso.



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