Shani Crowe believes that as African people we have a unique story to tell, and it is important for us to be telling that story, not someone else.

Creating beautiful hairstyles has always been a part of Shani Crowe’s life. She started doing hair from an early age and by 11 she started creating hairstyles on her own hair. That led to people asking her to do their hair, so most of her life she’s been a braider. She graduated from Howard University in 2011 and she now uses her knowledge of the arts to explore and preserve the culture of African hairstyles in a way that she has always wanted to as a child. She draws inspiration from African gods and goddesses, or presentations of divine beings.

“As a black woman, it’s important for you to, to really, love your hair, one, physical presentation is very, very important in many, many African cultures…” Shani Crowe, Huffington Post.

After Crowe’s solo exhibition titled Braids, she was called by Solange to create a crown that she wore on SNL and the world watched in admiration of her work of art.

Shani Crowe reminds us to continue telling our story in our own way and that the only thing that limits us is our imagination.

Instagram: @crowezilla
Source: Huffington Post, Heather B

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