From selecting the right products to blow-drying, the hair washing process can be a bit tedious.

This is one of the reasons that we are choosing to go longer between washes. A recent research found that most  women wash their hair a lot less than they used to, with 40 per cent putting this down to the rise of dry shampoo products and better styling tricks.

So how often should we really wash our hair? While opinions differ on the optimal period for hair washing, the answer truly comes down to your own hair.

If you have fine hair, it is more likely to become limp after one or two days and therefore requires more frequent cleansing. Frequent conditioning can prevent the build-up of oils and dirt, with clean hair also having a glossy, shiny finish.

But those with curly and coarse hair might be able to go without rinsing their mane for three or four days. Hair that has been coloured or processed may need less washing still, as the oil doesn’t travel as far down the strand shaft.


Pictures: Omphile Mmono 

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