Carly Robyn is a Johannesburg-based fashion and natural hair blogger. After getting the opportunity to work abroad for brands such as Marc Jacobs and D’Sqaured Carly was inspired to start her own fashion blog. Through her blog You Me Naturally she aims to inspire women to love themselves completely and just be who they are.

What do you love about your hair?

I love how healthy, thick and strong it is.

What is the most important thing about taking care of your hair?

Lots of moisture! Washing my hair at least twice a week to avoid product build up and a good weekly treatment.

How long does it take to prep your hair in the morning?

It depends on what style I am going for but normally 15 minutes max.

What do you use to keep your hair moisturised?

A good leave-in conditioner does the trick. Right now I am using the Aunt Jackies range, so from the leave-in to the defining curl cream. I also make sure that I don’t rinse my conditioner completely.

Your curls always look amazing. What is your secret?

My secret is my dupe denim brush! I make sure that my hair is still wet, applying my curling cream and then taking my hair in sections and brushing it out.

Do you have any tips for making your curls last longer?

I am still getting the hang of this and haven’t mastered it as yet; However I do sleep with my hair in a pineapple and keep it in a silk scarf. In the mornings I just refresh with a spray water bottle.

You switch up your hairstyles a lot. How does your hair influence your fashion style?

I have always been one to change my hairstyles, since school days! I love the versatility when it comes to my hair and my fashion. Changing my hairstyles help boost the look I’m going for because it’s not just about the clothes you wear but your full image.

Who is your hair crush?

Gosh, I have so many; do I really have to choose one lol? It’s definitely Actually Ashley. I love her because our curl pattern is somewhat the same and I am able to learn a lot from her and demonstrate what she does on my own hair.

What was the best moment of your hair?

This past Sunday! My curls were popping and all I did was my normal wash and go and air dry.

On your blog, you share a lot of beautiful spaces that you visit. What tips can you share on traveling and maintaining healthy hair?

Keep yourself & your hair hydrated. That means lots of water!!! I also tend to keep my hair moisturized with the LOC method, (leave-In, oil and cream).

What is the one hair product that you cannot live without?

The Aunt Jackies defining curl cream.

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