To show your hair some love means being aware of what it takes to keep it healthy and strong. From weekly treatments to daily moisturisers, your hair needs a lot of loving to grow.

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning creates a different environment for your hair that balances your PH and gives your hair the necessary protein it needs. Show your hair some love by deep condition your hair after using hair dye, relaxer or just giving your hair it’s regular protein fix.

Wash away for better moisture absorption

Whether you’re co-washing-rinsing or using shampoo, clean hair absorbs moisture better. Wash your hair regularly to avoid product build-up and to give it the moisture it deserves. Show your hair some love by creating a wash routine here. 

Protect your mane

When you have a protective hairstyle on, your hair locks in moisture, absorbs nutrients better and is free from the stretching and pulling that comes with everyday styling. During protective styling, your hair takes a break and grows freely. Don’t forget to keep your hair moisturised during this period, it can be easy to forget and that will make it easy for your hair to break. See our protective hairstyles 101 with hair blogger Joan Akob.

Detox your scalp

Scalp detox treatments become an important part of your hair regimen if you want to free your scalp from product build-up, let your scalp breathe and most importantly allow your scalp to absorb moisture effectively. It is great for transitioning hair and for those who try different products all the time. Here are some scalp detox recipes and tips. 

Never let your hair go dry

Although our hair follicles produce more oil than many other hair types, our coil pattern hinders oil from distributing across the length of our hair strands. Therefore we need to manually open our hair cuticles, let moisture in, then lock it in. Having a regular moisture routine will ensure that your hair strands are getting moisture that is much needed. Here are some tips on a spritz mixture that will make it easy for your hair to stay hydrated.


Model: Eleanor J’adore for #SpotTheMane

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