Mosa and Sindi, owners of MoSi Hair Spa are friends who met at the local swimming school years back. Sindi is a mechanical engineer and Mosa is a former sales representative in the pharmaceutical industry. The pair saw a gap in the natural hair industry and decided to fill it. They tell us about their salon. 

When did your love for hair begin?
We were both naturals for most of our lives and relaxed our hair reluctantly over the years. It wasn’t until we both had daughters with long combination hair that we started to play around with natural products to make their natural hair care more pleasurable with as few tears as possible. We both chose to grow our own natural to be a good example to our daughters.

When and why did you open your salon?
The salon was opened in November 2016 because we saw a need for other parent’s like us in the area. It was frustrating to manage the hair at home without tears and then, when we needed cornrows to be plaited, we would have to go to salons that wanted to relax the kids’ hair or blow dry it until it was dry and damaged. So we thought, a salon for naturals would be great and would certainly make washday for kids and adults alike, less laborious.

When and why did you choose to focus only on natural hair?
It was natural hair or nothing. Both our families consistent mostly of naturals (afros and dreadlocks) and there was no place to go. And traditional black salon owners were unwilling to change their modus operandi.

Please explain what services your salon provides?
We offer our unique basic wash which features our loved finger detangling method that limits breakage. Our treatment/deep conditioning is a bolt-on product to our basic training with options of deep conditioners. We also plait free hand and with extension (and are very mindful of hairlines/edges). We also offer dreadlock care (washing, twisting, dying and styling and even replanting of cut dreadlocks). Since many parents are not natural, we found it important to create a place where a parent could get their hair relaxed in the same place where the child’s natural hair could be also be given the appropriate care. This is to make it convenient for parents as well as pleasurable for the kids. We also perform manicures and pedicures as well as express facials.

What are some of the most amazing things about owning a natural hair salon?
For Sindi, the most rewarding aspect is seeing parents bring their kids waiting for drama and no drama comes. We use the finger detangling method and minimal blow-drying. The kids love it, especially because we ask their permission to work on their hair and we ask their opinion, which empowers them and makes them love their hair…. just as it is. For Mosa, discovering the different painless ways to decorate and protect our beautiful manes makes this adventure worthwhile and challenging.

What have you found to be the biggest misconception about natural hair?
We’ve been taught that the only way for our hair to be manageable is for it to be straight. Well, that’s not true. We are able to do so many beautiful things with our hair even when it’s curly. The most critical thing to remember though is to keep it moisturised. The second misconception is that “black hair doesn’t grow long”, well it does. Both our daughters have beautiful, long curly hair.

How is your salon different from the other natural hair salons out there?
We have fun at our salon. We believe in service and honour our appointments. We also take the time to understand the hair goals of our customers and make recommendations on an individual basis. What is key is, we don’t do anything to our customers’ hair until we have been given permission to do so. This also goes for the kids.

If you’d like to visit MoSi Hair Spa, you can contact them on 071 355 4850 or visit 168 Queen Street, Kensington, Johannesburg 2094.

They are also available on Facebook and Instagram @mosihairspa

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