Nothing beats the refreshment that scissors bring to your mane, the bob cut remains classic in any texture or colour.

“When the praises go up…. the blessings come down” | 📸 @lebolukewarm

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Welcome to my birthMonth fam!❤️ #AprilBaby #Taurean #NewLookAlert 😉

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“Blondes are wild, brunettes are true, but you’ll never know what a redhead will do!”🎈 #SphalaphalaTakeOver #Day2

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A self portrait. A truth & A lie. While I have your attention. Can we talk about the hyper inflation happening in Nigeria under Buhari’s watch again? My mother is a psychiatric Nurse whom has dedicated her entire life to civil service. Guess what? She has not been paid in over 7 months. This has happened regularly since I was a child. Teachers have it worse yet we want to educate the youth. Civil servants are dying!!!! Can we talk about the fact that a crate of egg is now 2000 Naira in Port Harcourt? And families cannot even afford a bag of Rice or Garri these days. We’ve done well with bringing news of fashion and arts to the world but are we going to continue to ignore the fact that Nigeria has become one of the worst places in Africa to live and operate? That till now, nothing works unless you are the privileged or rich 1% which means 99% of the country is dying away. We all know, for example that malaria cannot be completely eradicated from Nigeria yet families, under this hyperinflation cannot afford medicine. Can we truly say that WE ARE PROUD OF NIGERIA? Can we? #peoplearedyinginnigeria #wakeup #lagosisnottheonlynigeriathereis #evenlagossucks #everythingisimported #itsamafiasystem #mygod #politicsinNigeriaisawaytomakemoney #wherearethegirls? #rememberthem?

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Amelie coming soon

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