5 hair tips to make your life easy this summer

1. Use your daily spritz more

Your cocktail of oils and moisturizers or just water will come in handy for a quick spritz during the day to keep your hair moisturised.

2. Low maintenance protective hairstyles

Wear your braids, faux locks, bantu knots and buns with confidence knowing that underneath, your hair is growing and protected from the heat.

3. Protect your hair while wearing your hair out

Spend long days out in the sun with a hat or favorite wig on to protect your hair from the heat and to keep it from drying out.

4. Drink lots of water

Water is life, always! Your hair and your skin must be hydrated at all times for your hair to come out of summer as healthy as you were.

5. Keep it clean

Wash your hair more; be weary of sweat and salty waters with chemicals. Use a clarifying shampoo now and then in between your co-washes and rinses.

Share your tips of how your mane gets through the summer on comments below.
Happy Holidays!

Header Image Credit: Neemanouse

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